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Cables for mobile networks

Draka's Cables for Mobile Networks

Draka offers a wide range of products with guaranteed compatibility and reliability for mobile networks.
Draka's production facilities located in Finland and China are equipped with modern production lines. Draka also provides products from leading connector and accessory manufacturers through an extensive partner network.

Draka feeder cables and flexible cables have outstanding performance in mobile telecommunication applications, such as GSM, WCDMA (UMTS), TDMA, D-AMPS, PCN, CDMA and TETRA. They are also used in some other applications e.g. WiMAX and broadcasting. Draka's cables have been designed to transmit signal power between the transmission equipment and the antenna even in most demanding environmental conditions and thus meet the highest technical and environmental standards.

All of Draka's cables are halogen free and non corrosive. They are available in standard polyethylene jacket and in fire retardant, low smoke emission jacket in black (BHF) or grey (GHF). The cables and jumpers comply with the European Union RoHS directive.

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