17.7.11 - DCC is the sole distributer of the Draka China (YOFC) fiberoptic cables in Israel
The new Prysmian-Draka organization allows each manufactuirng facility to market its own products globally. Within this arrangement, DCC is the sole distributor in Israel of fiberoptic cables manufactured by the Chinese joint-venture operations of Draka (now under the Prysmian group).

The Draka subsidiary in Wuhan, China (YOFC) is among the largest fiber and cable manufacturers in the world. It has been producing optical fibers and fiberoptic cables since the early 90's. The cable factory of YOFC is among the most modern and efficient factories in the world. It was audited by DCC personnel.

Cable manufactured by YOFC are sold in Israel to the complete satisfaction of all customers.

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