1.5.11 - DCC is now the sole representative of Draka Fileca products in Israel

Draka Fileca is one of the best manufacturers of aerospace and military cables in the world. The company, established in 1958, became a cable supplier for the famous Concorde jet. Today it supplies cables and associated equipment to Airbus Industries (including the newest A-380), as well as to other leading aerospace and military customers worldwide.

The company is at the hub of Draka's Aerospace Division, and as such distributes aerospace and military cables produced in various Draka factories, including Draka Cableteq in the US - a major manufacturer of cables per DOD specs.

DCC represents all the cables produced in Draka's Aerospace Division. DCC's experts are able to support you in all the technical aspects of the cables and, in conjunction with Draka Fileca technical staff, can help you choose the right cable, or have a cable designed especially for your needs.
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