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The key at server level in highly concentrated data center networks is to maximize the utilization of the available pathways, racks and spaces, rather than go for the maximum permissible channel length. The required channels of 20m to 60m average distances give room for optimized cable designs.

Draka Data Center cables utilize thin cable designs based on existing work area cable standards and are perfect for zone cabling in data centers. Draka Data Center cables features:

* Up to 100% higher packing density in cable trays
* Fully compliant with established cable standards
* Direct connector mounting on cables
* Double shielding design to eliminate any Alien-Xtalk interferences
* Thinner cable benefits Client-level cooling
* Full 10GBase-T performance over a channel distance of 60m

The most innovative cable in the UC(future) portfolio is the multipair cable, available as Cat 6A and Cat 7. This cable, however, needs to be terminated in a specially designed multi-pair connector. Draka offers pre-terminated Cat 6A cables where the multi-pair connector is factory assembled on the cable. A variety of cable lengths is avaiable. See below.

Multi-pair Cat 7 24x2x26# cable - operating distabce up to 60 m
See data sheet

Pre-termonated multi-pair cable
See data sheets

 Multicables - 6 individual Cat 7 4x2x26# cables around a central member, overall jacket. Operating distance up to 60 m
See data sheet


Cat 7 4x2x26# cable (solid copper) - operating distance up to 60 m
See data sheet


Cable harness - 6 individual Cat 7 4x2x26# cables around a central member wrapped by a plastic tape. Operating distnce up to 60 m
See Data sheet 


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