Renewable Energy
Photovoltaic cables PV-F1
Cables for solar energy systems produced by Berica in Northern Italy. The cables are available with copper conductors - 2.5 to 240 sqmm, and aluminum conductors - 4 to 375 sqmm. The copper cables are certified by TUV per TUV 2PfG 1169/08.2007.
Draka Cables for photovoltaic systems - Drakaflex
Draka Cables for photovoltaic systems - Drakaflex
The DrakaFlex Sun cables produced by Draka are flexible cables for applications in photovoltaic solar farms. Cables with up to 35 sqmm conductors are designed for conductor temperature of up to 120 degrees and use Draka`s Betax high temperature insulation and jacket. Cables with 50 - 300 sqmm conductos are made with rubber insulation and jacket suitable for conductor temperature of up to 90 degrees. Both copper and aluminum cables are avaialble.
Prysmian LYNISUN
Prysmian Cables for photovoltaic systems - Lynisun
Prysmian solar wires type LYNISUN are designed for freely movable or suspended purposes, as well as for fixed installation and laying in ground in structural secured photovoltaic power generation systems. They can be used indoors, outdoors, in explosive areas, or in industrial, commercial and agricultural sites. These cables are suitable on and in insulated devices and constructions (Protection class II). They are considered as safe in case of short-circuit and ground-leak. They meet IEC 61215 and IEC 61646, IEC 60364-7-712 and DIN VDE 0100-520.
Control cable for solar systems
Control cable for solar systems
A cable especially designed for controlling and monitoring solar panel systems using EIA-485 or EIA-422 protocols
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